Special deals for Startups

Flazio helps you in building up your web presence with a big discount to all the startuppers! Your new website with Flazio costs only 19 euro (instead of 99) for the first year, including VAT, unlimited space, wonderful templates, domain and 5 professional mailboxes.
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VINO75 is a digital wine shop with more than 3.000 wine and spirits labels from over 800 producers. The wines are stored in a temperature controlled warehouse and are delivered in 24/48h. VINO75's powerful multilevel search engine guides the Customer just like a Digital Sommelier.
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10% discount on VINO75 with the code V75SIOS10 (until 31/01/2018).  

Millionaire is the magazine for those who want to do business in an innovative way.

Special offer for StartupItalia! Open Summit 2017: 

1 year subscription (10 issues): 25€  instead of 28 €
1 year subscription + book “Startup” (Hoepli): 45€
6 months subscription (5 issues) + book “Startup” (Hoepli): 32€

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 discount code:  STARTUPITALIA

Learn to code on devACADEMY and get the skills you need to launch your new startup. A year of training and access to all courses and screencast online with a single enrollment for just 150 euro VAT included (instead 390). The price will also remain the same as long you keep the subscription active.

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Fatture in Cloud è il software di fatturazione leader in Italia dedicato a ditte, liberi professionisti e piccole aziende. In occasione dell'OpenSummit di StartupItalia! abbiamo deciso di offrire 4 mesi gratis e senza impegno di licenza Premium Plus (dal valore di 60€)

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Brandorbi is the marketplace of phygital influence where your brand can book a private event to a phygital influencer, in its location, with its network! As a startup you need to test or communicate about your product: For Startupitalia, register free as a brand and earn back 50€ on each of your first 3 events on 2017.

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Moovenda brings to your home or office the best meals from restaurants in Rome, Naples, Turin and Viterbo. Order online and receive your take-out food in just a few minutes.

Special deal for SIOS17: 20% discount on your first order  (Rome, Naples, Turin, Viterbo)

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discount code: OpenSummit20

The home delivery service that shortens the distance between the customers and the best restaurants in your city, through the use of technology and the social media.

Special deal for SIOS17: 20% discount on your first order  (Catania, Palermo, Messina, Reggio Calabria)

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discount code:Startupitalia

LECTIOS makes websites, blogs and newsletter listenable in a fast and easy way and automatically distributes the audio tracks -read by real speakers- on iTunes, Soundcloud, Amazon Alexa, Google Home.

Special offer for SIOS2017: 

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Engage your audience with audio with a 20% discount on the following monthly plans for the first year (VAT excluded):

BASIC: € 39
PRO: € 119

6 mesi totalmente gratuiti e senza impegno con tutte le funzionalità!

Customerly helps you to boost your customer engagement by providing an integrated live chat, an email delivery system and let you automate your marketing effortlessly. Oh, and you have integrated surveys as well.

6 Months of Growth For Free. Start Now

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Finding a potential talent, it's not an easy task. In a world that everything turns to digital, what about your hiring? Our HR product offers you  the ability to transform the boring hiring process into a pleasant journey. We can provide you all the tools you need to master your recruitment. Our vision is that one day everyone could have access to the simplest way to hire. In In-recruiting, we believe that no one should be excluded from this privilege. Here, in our platform, you can find the safe place to hire faster and smarter.

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10 % OFF Monthly

30% OFF Annually

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The offer is here only until Christmas for the startups registered to the event.

Eco4Cloud has developed a tool that drives you toward the ideal cost management in the cloud, recovering up to 40% of your spend. With Eco4Cloud you can verify performances experienced by all your applications in the Cloud, its replication across regions and correct resource assignment in order to ensure availability and plan application scale-out/scale-up with a self-learning system.
You will participate to free restricted beta and we will apply special conditions if you attended StartupItalia! Open Summit, once we go public.
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