Binary Room
11:30 - 13:00
Dario Giudici
Alessandro Onano
Roberto Ferrari
Matteo Concas
Matteo Rizzi
Danilo Mazzara
Celia Guimaraes

Smart Money

The bank of the future will probably be an invisible bank, mobile and fully customized. To date, in the world there are +750 startups in the FSI space, representing a strong, high potential sector with $14 Billion invested per year.

Chairwoman: Celia Guimaraes, journalist at Rainews24


Ivana Pais, Associate Professor in Economic Sociology at Università Cattolica – co-founder Sharitaly

Roberto Ferrari, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer Mediobanca Group

Matteo Concas, General Manager N26

Alessandro Onano, CMO Moneyfarm

Matteo Rizzi, Founder Fintech Stage

Dario Giudici, Co-Founder of SiamoSoci –

Danilo Mazzara, Accenture Strategy

(*) the program, time and speakers may be subject to change