Sala Cubo
Rachele Zinzocchi

Telegram, the definitive platform today for business and life

Telegram, why? Because it will make up your life. That’s the answer to your key question: how to do business today, in our age of crisis, thanks to digital tools: using them in the good way, so profitably, in responsible, ethical – and so productive, remunerative – way. Telegram is the most effective tool able to help you to reach success, your goals and targets, in work and life: the useful, indispensible tool not only for us, but for society as a whole – education, institutions, press, communication.
Telegram is the operating arm of #Digital #Education as Civic Digital Education and, first of all, Education, if you use it correctly. That’s particularly easy, by the way: Telegram is already digitally educated. So, it can be make the most of it: it can be used good for the Good, with consciousness and profitability for everybody.
What does it mean for brands, companies, entrapreneurs? An instant application on the ground with a new tactical, strategic vision, but already tested with big success.
So Telegram – 600.000 new users a day and an annual growth of more than 50% – is that Useful App that generates Utility, making Utility with Usefulness: the only real crisis exit-strategy today