Balconata Room
15:30 - 16:30
Stefano Cavaleri
Sara Roversi
Matteo Gori
Marco Gualtieri
Andrea Monti
Barbara Sgarzi
Anders Nilsson

The Food Makers

The new frontier of innovation passes for food, a made in Italy excellence. But how do you build a startup that can withstand innovative technology and power? Which actions and monitoring systems would you implement to be transparent, effective, and winning?

From new food production techniques to nutrition passing through the future of food security: the right to have a healthy sustainable food and accessible to all.

Chairwoman: Barbara Sgarzi, Vanity Fair


Andrea Monti, General Manager Altromercato

Matteo Gori, Managing Director CucinaBarilla

Anders Nilsson, Executive Partner growITup

Fabio Beninati, Product Innovation Manager Amadori

Stefano Cavaleri, founder and CEO Foorban

Sara Roversi, co-founder Future Food Institute

Marco Gualtieri, Founder Seeds&Chips

(*) the program, time and speakers may be subject to change