Binary Room
1500 - 16:00
Corrado Ferretti
Francesco Sacco
Miriam Cresta
Alessandro Rimassa
Paolo De Nadai

Be Exponential

A future of ten and praise. Which in the university years can reach thirty and praise. And that today rhymes necessarily with digital and social technologies and with an open approach, an enlarged vision. Also because 65% of today’s students will do tomorrow jobs that do not exist yet, according to Microsoft’s Tomorrow Jobs report. Exciting, interactive, engaging: here is the new teaching are increasingly declined towards multimedia to complete the training in and out of classrooms. Here then, even the great multinationals and SMEs of excellence begin to think of innovation in training. Grafting digital projects and bringing on board startups. Also to permanently cover the offer to all age brackets, in a logic of continuous training. At StartupItalia! Open Summit the recipes for training also entrepreneurial in these years connected.

Chairman: Simone Cosimi, freelance journalist at Wired, Vanity Fair, StartupItalia!


Francesco del Sole, Director of Education Division, Public Sector at Microsoft

Donatella Solda*, Director at Cabinet of MIUR

Alessandro Rimassa, Founder TAG Innovation School

Miriam Cresta, CEO Junior Achievement Italy

Paolo De Nadai, CEO Scuola Zoo

Francesco Sacco, SDA Bocconi professor – Vice-President Impara Digitale

Corrado Ferretti, President of PerMicro

Chiara Burberi, Founder Redooc

Salvo Mizzi, General Partner Principia

(*) the program, time and speakers may be subject to change