Binary Room
10:00 - 11:30
Alberto Scarpa
Chiara Sgarbossa
Mattia De Rosa
Mary Franzese
Roberto Ascione
Celia Guimaraes
Sara Gandolfi
Alexander Zehnder
Riccardo Porro

Future of health

We want to identify all those personalized patient care services: prevention and diagnostics projects that adopt advanced digital technologies and big data processing models to improve people’s quality of life. Health is one of the most innovating areas in the world, fact proven by the big number of startups and research centers. But how can you combine health research, technological innovations, exponential network strength with its sharing and the risks of privacy to be protected?

Chairman: Celia Guimares, Rainews24


Chiara Sgarbossa, Head of the Digital Innovation in Healthcare Observatory of Politecnico di Milano

Alexander Zehnder, CEO Sanofi Italia

Roberto Ascione, CEO Healtware International

Mary Franzese, Neuron Guard

Riccardo Porro, Chief Operations Officer Cariplo Factory

Sara Gandolfi, Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School, Fellowship for abroad AIRC

Alberto Scarpa, CEO D-EYE

Mattia De Rosa, Cloud & Enterprise Director Microsoft Italy